Karrie Garcia

Karrie Garcia


Karrie Garcia is a speaker and founder of Freedom Movement. 

She shares about her journey through drug addiction, being a "perfect" Christian, and what it required for her to decide not to take her own life. You don't want to miss this episode!

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About Karrie Garcia from thefreedommovement.us:

Karrie is married to her husband Mario and together they have three children ranging in ages from 4 to 10. She makes her home in Orange, Ca.
Karrie has been a high school pastor on and off for the past ten years, followed by a college pastor. She currently works as a life coach and mother to her three children.

Karrie is a speaker who is passionate about proclaiming the freedom that can come from a life surrendered to Christ. Facing drug addiction, the suicide of her mother, and the breakdown of her first marriage, she understands the need for grace, mercy and healing that can only come from Jesus Christ.

She is passionate about sharing the truth of Christ and helping other women walk away from a victim mentality and into a victorious mindset, a mindset that brings freedom from the bondage of the lies we have been told by the world around us, or ourselves.

She is driven to see healing in the lives of fellow women who seek real, authentic relationships. Her goal is to tear down the misconception that we are identified by our mistakes and to replace that concept with the truth the we are made for so much more.
Karrie also contributes to the Freedom Movement blog and you can read her posts here or send her an email at: Karrie@theFreedomMovement.us.