Joey Svendsen

Joey Svendsen


Joey Svendsen is the co-host of the Bad Christian Podcast (@bcpod) and Pastor with No Answers (@pastor-with-no-answers). Joey also authored a book called "Fundamentalist" where he shares his journey and struggles through legalism while dealing with OCD, depression, and anxiety.

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*WARNING* This Episode is not appropriate for younger listeners due to profanity and challenging content*

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What happens when you grow up in a fundamentalist church and you have OCD and depression? Joey Svendsen has lived it first hand. Whether it was reciting the sinner’s prayer all day long out of fear of hell, developing anxiety about his penis’ growth being stunted due to early masturbation, or the daily repentance in high school for not evangelizing to nerds during lunch period, Joey shares his experience with no filter, hilariously examining the cross-section between religion and mental illness… like the time he almost married the wrong girl because he thought God told him to.