Matt Carter


Matt Carter


This week we welcome special guest Matt Carter of the Bad Christian Podcast. There have been a number of podcast episodes where Matt, Toby, and Joey discuss the overwhelming shortcomings of the modern church.  While we agree with many of the opinions expressed from Matt, we wanted to hear more from his opinions about what could make it better and really try to understand the future potential for the "Mega Church".

Matt also hosts the Break it Down Podcast and acts as Director and oversees Business development across Bad Christian's multiple divisions.

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Because of our careers in Music and ministry we have spent the last twelve years in bars, churches, tour buses, counseling sessions, wild parties, prayer circles, and circles of people doing drugs. It’s given us a perspective that’s too interesting to keep to ourselves, so we write about it on this Blog, and talk about it on this Podcast. We also have a Store with great music, books and clothing.
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